My Story:
An Autobiographical Sketch of a U. S. Naval Aviator and Fighter Pilot

Wings of Gold
"Where do we find such men?"     (Movie quote) *
(A movie quote we often repeated amongst ourselves, jokingly. We would knowingly laugh, despite the gravitas and irony of our similar situation to the movie. Indeed, the following pages will tell where the United States Navy found in real life ... one such man.)

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Fighter Pilot Airbus Pilot

The many pages of this website will give a personal sketch of my unlikely four decades in aviation - first as a United States Naval Aviator and Combat Fighter Pilot, then later as a Commercial Airline Pilot.

Feel free to explore each stage of my long and rewarding flying career via the "Table of Contents" with its red ( "← you are here") indicators listed on the top left of this and all following pages, or by the navigational arrows (←  Previous ♠ Next  →) on the bottom of each page.

Or if like many visitors, your primary interest involves the Vietnam War and my F-4B flying experiences there, you may jump to my "relatively" mild, 1st combat cruise, Enemy SAMs or my decidedly much more difficult, 2nd combat cruise, including Operations Linebacker I and II in 1972 - '73.

John R. Chesire
CDR USNR (ret.)

Flight Jacket with 200 combat missions, and original Topgun patches John Chesire, Cedar Rapids Airshow F-4s over North Vietnam Navy Fighter Pilot Helmets Fighter Pilot VF-1 F-14 Russian Bear Escort John Cheshire, Switchbox F-4B

My "Personal Reasons" for constructing this website.
Disclaimer and Author's Comments

* Movie Quote: This was actor Fredrick March's famous line in the classic movie adaptation of James Michener's Korean War era drama, The Bridges at Toko-Ri upon learning one of the fighter pilots (played by William Holden) under his command had been shot down and then ...
The Bridges at Toko-Ri, Movie Trailer

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