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Author's Comments:

I was fortunate to have had the honor of serving with many men of uncommon skill and courage, including my 'back-seaters; my squadron mates; my air-wing colleagues; and many others. Likewise, I was privileged later to work with many special ALPA brothers and sisters, and my fellow airline coworkers . Unfortunately I do not name these special people here, out of respect for their privacy. But they were all there, if unacknowledged. They are still in my thoughts and prayers, and they all remain a real but unnamed part of "my story."

Never should any pilot ever forget those unsung heros - the maintenance and other ground personnel guys - who send we pilots and flight-crew aloft safely, by their own hands, sweat, and dedication.

They who will stand on their head in the cockpit amidst the intense heat, noise, and pressure, to "fix a bird" - yet all wires and wrenches are accounted for, and everything now works; or crawl an intake; or do a desperate 3-hr job in less than 1.5 hrs. correctly and safely; or who lift hundreds of pounds of ordinance on their strong backs, repeatedly all day/night long; or those 19 (or maybe 18, or less? ) -year-olds who have proudly prepped and preflighted "their" $40+ million aircraft, only to then confidently give it up and turn it over to the oncoming flight crew as "safe for flight" ..... all of the above, despite 30kts of wind, loud and hot jet blasts, nasty foul weather, little sleep and another deck spot! ... And still they can work at near peak performance, a long time and a long ways away from home, friends and family! Truly amazing!

Often too wrapped up in my own world of the complexities of the pre-flight mission brief, the planned mission with its likely surprises, and the unknown threats and challenges of the flight at hand, I too often overlooked the extreme pride, competence, and support of those who helped me accomplish my missions by prepping, loading, and maintaining my (really your) , aircraft.

So if you guys - and you know who you are - read this now, so many years later, please accept my apologies for my apparent lack of acknowledgement and expressed appreciation back then. I was aware of your great efforts, but I did not express it enough. So please accept a belated, public, thank you!

Anyone looking for heroes could have had their pick among those extraordinary - yet unsung people - who, under some very difficult and hazardous conditions, maintained and prepared our fighters for war; and later our airliners in peace...superbly. God bless them all!

Also please note that I have tried to avoid any commercial advertisement or promotion on this website, as well as avoiding any political statements or position on any of the subjects covered. However if there is some bleed-through, it is unintentional.

Finally, out of respect for their personal privacy, I have mostly omitted any mention of my family. Nevertheless, my wonderful wife and two adult children were a major and supporting part for much of my life and story, and remain so today. And now, our children are off chasing their dreams and finding their own adventures, much as I did, and relate here on these many pages.