Please Note:   This website is a result of three things:


1.   My genealogist sister's repeated and withering requests - for over more than a decade
- for some written biographical account of my experiences, and;

2.   My desire to learn HTML and CSS, and to build my first website from scratch,
without any web authoring tools. Indeed this site was initially only for my immediate
family and friends' information and their entertainment. But that has now obviously changed.


3.   While I did not realize it at the time, this is probably the main reason for my site:
Having been unexpectedly diagnosed with a life threatening disease, I suddenly
felt compelled to write down a few of my experiences, for my family
(who never before knew most of this) and for posterity,
when I am no longer here to tell my personal story.

WARNING - Only Real Fighter Pilots need click here.

Note: While I do not maintain a guest book, one of the best and most surprising things
about this site are the almost daily emails I receive, from both old and new friends, worldwide.
And I do try to personally answer everyone.

John Chesire